The Order of the Azure Rose

"Be Steadfast in Virtue and Courage"

About The Order

The Order of the Azure Rose is a Medieval/Renaissance re-creation Guild that portrays an anachronistic Royal Court and Order of Chivalry. The Order is the brainchild of founders Scott and Sheri Mathes, who observed a need to bring the ancient ideals of Chivalry into 21st century society.

The Order of the Azure Rose was first formed in 2002 as the Royal Guard and military for the Grand Valley Renaissance Faire. It has since grown into an independent organization on 23 January 2009 and received its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status on 3 April 2009.

The Order of the Azure Rose participates in historically-themed events as a reenactment Guild, re-creating the daily lives of members of a Tudor-era Royal Court and Its retinue while "on progress". Our aim is to educate our target audience utilizing an immersion-style learning model, making our activities "hands-on" history lessons for all ages. As well as teaching history, we seek to instill the values of Chivalry and Courtesy, civic responsibility, personal accountability, reasoning and the importance of developing a personal code of ethics.

Our vision for our future is to work with schools, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, businesses and other community organizations using interactive demonstrations and presentations, and can build a customized curriculum, or use the curriculum provided to us by your organization.

To schedule a presentation or to request a promotional packet for your event visit the Contact Us page or email us at